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Please view our web site portfolio to view graphically pleasing, quick loading and easily navigated sites. The Grizzly design team creates effective web sites with your clients in mind.




Are you Marketing Smart?


In today's online marketplace, a professional business image is critical for any "Marketing Smart" business to do business from a web site.


Do you want to step ahead of your online competition by being "Marketing Smart" or always be lagging behind your competition?


It only takes 6 seconds or less, upon first arriving at a web site, to create an initial first impression of the business or organization. Is your business or organization "Marketing Smart" by showing stability, reliability, and permanence in that 6 seconds?


Take an honest approach to reviewing your web site from your customer’s perspective. Maybe your web site is suffering from a poor first impression on "image" and a "consumer trust" problem. If your web site does not have that professional appearance your customers have already clicked away to your competitor's web site? Maybe your site needs a re-design by a professional designer to provide that customer trust.


Are you are currently experiencing a problem with little to no response from your web site? Maybe you have a few customers that stop by but what about the customers you are loosing to your competition? Possibly, a re-write by a professional copywriter will ensure a strong call to action.


Don't panic! Get "Marketing Smart" by choosing the “Marketing Smart” team as your web development and marketing partner. As our partner, we will work with you to develop a dynamite strategy for your site and a marketing plan that will have your competition lagging way behind.


Our “Smart Marketing” team is specialized in and focused on helping businesses "Market Smart" by creating those additional marketing and commerce opportunities the Web brings and also in your day to day business.


Getting the job done right the first time is our main business philosophy that has contributed to our success over the past nine years.


Talk to our project manager today about how we can help you become "Marketing Smart" with your business or organization web site. Call today 1.403.304. 7690 or use our interactive reply form and we will be pleased to contact you by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours or less. We are really serious about making your business "Marketing Smart".



Grizzly Web Designers can help your business move onto the Web, successfully!



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